Tim Schweitzer

Tim has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.  He has worked in the disciplines of Fine Art, Public Art, Landscape Architecture and Interior Design

Artist Statement

In my work, I am reclaiming objects and mechanisms that have performed at one time.  I’m interested in manipulating them to tell new stories.  Within this work I re-purpose things that are now idle.  Old gears, piano parts, typesets, parts relating to mathematics and physics. 

The box series is largely based on synchronicity and time.  The newer pieces feel more free and illustrative, coming out of it’s bounded perimeter.  I am attracted to these objects or parts of objects both because of their history and formal aesthetics. 

When I’m searching for these objects sometimes “I want the red wheel of that antique hand held drill” or “I want the distressed handle of that saw.” In my process, I organize based on line, repetition, color and form.  Typography and function plays a key role in new stories fashioned in the final works.